Release date announced by GoldenPark for Guns N Roses slot

If you are equally passionate about quality rock music and slot machines, then you will be happy to hear that GoldenPark allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The celebrated online casino will release a brand-new slot machine that is inspired by the famous rock band.

Some of its best-known songs are featured on five reels of slot machines, which is expected to hit the stores in the second half of January.

2016 promises to be a phenomenal year for all those who enjoy playing video slots and some of the best titles will once again bear the NetEnt brand. We don’t have enough information to know exactly how the slot machine will look like, but just enough pointers to make an educated decision.

This game will be launched on January 21, so it is only fair to assume that special promotions will accompany this release. Fans of Guns N Roses are the ones that will appreciate the game most for obvious reasons, since it is geared towards their favorite bands. They will also enjoy a lot of flexibility when playing this new video slot, as they will have the option of choosing one of the five popular songs.

This is more than a gimmick and the freedom of choice is great for those who seek diversity, in addition to significant profits.


While playing the game, they will have the chance to listen to their favorite songs which is very convenient and will make time passes much easier. This is just one of the special features and among those worth mentioning is the actual footage from Guns N Roses concerts.

The bottom line is that the more you know about the band and the more you appreciate their songs, the more likely it is for you to spend the time of your life playing this game.

As for slot machine fans who know very little about rock music, the game itself will be appealing thanks to the fancy animations and great looking signs. Stacked wild can appear anywhere on the reels and as they spin them, players will have the chance of triggering amazing features.


The random legend spins are the ones that show most promise, because all the free spins will be re-triggered and lucky players will have even more winning combinations at their disposal.
Encore free spins also fall into this category and in conjunction with solo multipliers, they have the ability of greatly increasing profits.

The Crowd Pleaser Bonus game is also immensely rewarding and it is very likely to keep you going even if you play on tiny stakes. More information will transpire by the end of 2015 and as the release date draws near, GoldenPark will surely unveiled its special promotions.