The race for 77 million slots spins continues at Casino huone

Casino huone has offered so many promotions to its customers in 2015, that is hard to logo-casinohuonoremember all of them.

Most of these campaigns enjoy the meteoric rise but they eventually ended, so players don’t remember them that well.

On the other hand, when we’re talking about a promotion of this magnitude, it is only fair to expect that race to 77 million slots spins will continue for a while.

This is a huge endeavor for the online casino and in order to simplify the process for those who are interested in participating, Casino huone decided to set up milestones. There are 11 of them, which is very convenient because that means that whenever 7 million slots spins are recorded, players set another milestone.


Prize pool is a guaranteed amount of $100,000, which is plenty to go around regardless of how many players participate.

This is not exactly the latest promotion and it has been going for quite a while, but given its size it is expected to continue. Until all the money is divided among the players, this campaign will not conclude, so even if you are late to the party, you still have good reasons to participate.

What is expected from you is to wager a minimum amount of $777, but you don’t necessarily have to deposit and can use the money you already have in your account.
In exchange of your dedication, you will compete for a payout of at least $777, so the worst-case scenario is to recuperate your investment.

Seven players will collect significantly more money has those who hit the aforesaid milestones are going to receive $7777. Things unfold at a breakneck pace, so you need to be 100% dedicated and very active, to maximize your profits and not to miss out on this lucrative deal.
The promotion has started in late October, so it is pretty amazing that it is still going after all these weeks.

Plenty of players have recently joined the race, knowing that is never too late to claim a share of the $100,000 up for grabs. There are plenty of games to choose from, so don’t fear that you will be restricted to play slot machines or video poker titles that you don’t enjoy.

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