Vera and John unveils its latest big winner

Vera&John has many progressive jackpot slot machines, so it is not surprising that plenty of logo-verajohnplayers and up winning life-changing amounts.

This is the nature of these games and those who don’t mind the higher than average volatility will instinctively choose them over their regular counterparts.

Since most of them have 243 winning combinations, the winning streaks are quite often and players will consolidate their bankroll in anticipation of that big win.

Vera and John is always happy to share the news of one of its customers winning a lot of money, while paying attention on how information is disseminated. Their priority is not to say too much about the winner, so that the privacy of the lucky person is well protected.

Only the nickname for the first name are used and the data is pretty generic, yet accurate enough as to enhance the popularity of their games.

Now that another player has won a lot of money, the press release tells us that a winner who goes by the name of Karoline scoop the jackpot. She resides in Molde, Norway and on a chilly week day she may be inspired decision of relaxing by playing casino games online. It was a long and hard day at work, so she thought that there is no better way of recharging the batteries than by having a little fun.

Without being a professional gambler and by no means a highroller, she decided to play on real currency which was the beginning of the winning streak.


Vera and John made sure that all its players are able to play casino games on smartphones and tablets, which was very convenient for Karoline. Her preference for classic slot machines brought her to 7th Heaven, a rather old game that still shows a lot of promise.

She started with a small bet and decided to wager lower amounts in a quick succession, instead of making a sizable financial commitment. Before she knew it, she won a cool €24,000, which is a lot of money given the fact that she only invested €1.00.

She is just one of the most recent winners at Vera and John, but throughout this winter, dozens of other players won similar amounts. Some of them decided to focus on the aforementioned slot machine, but many more focused on different games.

When asked by casino representatives how she felt about this lucky streak, she expressed her enthusiasm for winning the first large amount.

It is also refreshing to hear that a player who never won a significant amount playing casino games lands such a sizable paycheck. It also proves that everyone has the same chances to emerge victorious, regardless of previous experience and the time spent wagering online.

She is the latest winner and Vera and John but she won’t be the last and you online casino will keep you up-to-date with all the new winners and their stories.

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